Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Regrets, NOT.

When I stepped out of the college and into the man-eats-man’s world, I have held on firm to one belief and I am proud to say that I am doing it just right. It is so often that I tell myself, regret not, learn from the mistakes. It sounds easier than done? Well, not really. In fact it is easier than you think. Why do we feel regret of doing certain things? I have my way of not feeling regret and I know that once it is done, regret makes no sense at all.

Read something interesting moments ago, shared by Vivian. The article is in chinese though, if you can read chinese, click here. Please understand that I do not wish to repost the article here.

The article is saying that no matter what type of man a woman is married to, she tends to feel regret of marrying that man. To a certain extent, it is true. Most of the women will complain how they wish their husbands to be better. Rich men’s wives hope their husbands would have more time for them, poor men’s wives wish their husbands to have more money, faithful men’s wives pray their husbands to be more understandings, romantic men’s wives cry that their husbands to be more faithful…… The list could go on and on……

I do complain about Andrew too. We are no perfect man and woman. But I don’t feel regret of marrying him. If I were to be unhappy with him, I would have chosen not to marry him in the first place. Or I would have chosen to divorce him and go on with my life. Why would I be sitting here telling the whole world that I regret that I married him but not doing anything at all to change the situation? Sitting and regretting the decision without taking actions, that is just not me. If he was a mistake in my life, I’d make sure I don’t repeat it. But no, he is not a mistake. Despite of those small little tiffs and disagreements we have had, I am happily married to Andrew.

Andrew has the same belief too. He said that those who regret are silly. :) Why regret? Just make sure you make it right and it’s no big deal, he said. How enlightening that is! It kind of influenced and changed me further. Everytime I want to do something, I make sure I put some thoughts into it before I make the final decision. Once I decide, I do not regret about it. I am glad that whenever I discuss things over with Andrew, instead of giving me a solution, he would lay down the consequences if I were to do or not to do it. He doesn’t decide for me, he helps me think better and clearer.

I do not have a rich husband. He is not the most romantic and nicest guy on earth. He ain’t in the professional field and he is not handsome. :) But I am happy enough to have him around. All those money and status matters, we could both work together to achieve them. More often than not it is the journey that counts, not the destination. :)

Nothing would last forever unless you make an effort to make it lasts. So long as we’re living and walking, we sure as heaven will do our very best to make things work.

P.S.: Another idea rolled into my mind recently. I surely hope to see it happens next year, but it is going to take greater courage and strength. Until then, I shall keep the faith and work towards it.


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