Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Birthday Girl

28 September, our lovely friend, Wan Yi’s birthday. :)

I asked her if she would be going for celebration or dinner with family, surprisingly she said nope. Then I remembered Andrew wasn’t working, why not we go to Klang for the fish soup again?! :O Yes! Andrew said OK! Then I asked Phoebe together, glad that she could join us! It is very rare for so many of us to gather for a dinner on a weekday. All of us were so excited. Too bad that Nicole couldn’t join us.

Before we went to Klang, Andrew and I gotta pick Phoebe up from her home ’cause she was waiting for her friend to come to take the dog back. Last week she adopted a ShihTzu dog from her friend, but guess the poor doggy couldn’t get used to the new environment. I’ve seen the dog for twice and thought I would want to see him again for the last time and say goodbye to him. He is actually very adorable and tame. Couldn’t help but feel a teeny bit of sadness when he was leaving. He came to me, pawing at me wanted me to “sayang” him. Aww…… My heart melted.

Back to our birthday girl. :) We reached the restaurant pretty late. 5 of us, happily savoring the food. We were so hungry! The food was just so good…… Glad that they enjoyed the fish soup too. :)

Didn’t manage to give Wan Yi a treat that night. Probably do it another time. Hahaha. Yeah, we girls definitely know how to have fun. :P

Phoebe’s dog, only stayed for a week. He is very cute though.


The birthday girl at the restaurant in Klang.



With my BFF, Phoebe. (The white spot on my face :( is the smoke from the fish pot and Andrew didn’t bother to ask us to take another photo T__T )


The food!!!!



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