Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Random #2

Yesterday was busy, compiling the documents and discussing the trial that we had this morning. Nope, the trial didn’t materialize this morning. We sought the approval from the court to postpone the trials. Went to the Industrial Court back to the office within 1 hour. Luckily, otherwise I would have a pile of backlog to clear again.

I was having the discussion till 7.30pm yesterday, didn’t manage to inform Andrew as I just couldn’t find time to excuse myself from the discussion. Every point and details are important! Poor Andrew waited in the car without knowing anything, for 1 and a half hours! When the discussion was finally over, I have gotten 33 missed calls from him alone! I could sense his annoyance and madness through the phone. For a minute there I was pissed too, why couldn’t he be a bit more understanding about my job? But I quickly realized I was selfish, I didn’t even bother to call or text him and I expected him to be understanding. The guilt just flooded in and filled every corner of my heart. Worst, I had to wait for the other colleagues to pack, sent the documents down to the car, went back up to the office, locked the door and went back down. By the time I saw Andrew’s car, it was 8pm. From afar, I saw the rear bumper of his car was damaged badly but still intact. Gosh, while he was on his way to my office, some idiot hit him at the rear. I blamed myself for that. If I took just 1 minute off that discussion, called him to tell him that I’d be late, he would have waited for me in his office, then that little accident would not have taken place. Eventhough it wasn’t serious, I still blamed myself. I learned my lesson, make sure I make a call no matter how important the meeting is. 1 minute wouldn’t kill, but that 1 minute could make a lot of difference to someone else. Also, nothing is more important than my husband, my love ones.

I was pretty emotional yesterday. Felt like crying my heart out. I didn’t though. Calmed myself down, drowned myself in that boring yet funny drama, didn’t intend to on my lappie…… For first time in so many months, I hit the sack before midnight. Perhaps I shall do this more often, pick up a healthy lifestyle and routine.

This weekend is going to be a busy one too. Having a date with my BFF on Saturday, and a photoshoot session with cousins on Sunday. I’m going to get busy again for the photos editing. Still have a batch of wedding reception photos not yet done. Recently saw this comment from someone, 95% of a photographer’s time is spent on the business and production. How true is that? I shall find out myself. I want to be a photographer, I want to be a GOOD photographer, professional or not, that comes second. I just want to take good photos which at the end, would make the persons on the other end of the camera smile and say “thank you Ashley, I love it”. I have heard it once, came from a true friend. Wish I could hear it more in the near future. :) Well, yes, I am that vain. :P

Enough of my randomness today. Ciao!


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