Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Be Proactive

Today, marks the first day of my journey of, The “7 Habits”. (Ooohhh… It sounds so spiritual. Love it! Hahaha.)

Our trainer/teacher, Roger Bugh, is the nicest and most responsible teacher I’ve ever met. His commitment to teaching is never lesser than any one of us. I’ve been to some NLP course before, but I have never felt such overwhelming (Note: the course that I attended by Roger, is not NLP). One week after the NLP course, I’ve put all the things behind and forgot about them totally. Once in a while I do receive emails from the NLP trainer’s secretary, but not the trainer himself. This morning I saw one name in my email inbox which got me pretty excited and nervous. It was an email from Roger, personally. Well, it could be an email which he sent to all of his participants/students, but I appreciate his effort of sending it personally instead of asking his assistant/secretary to do it.

With his reminder, I am very sure I could put what I’ve learnt in the past 3 days into good use. Then, I would become a better person.

I miss the time that I spent with the other participants. When people share with an open mind and open heart, the things that you’ll learn from them are doubled or even tripled. No one was shy to share, everyone was so committed during that 3 days. Respect is all you could find in that room. I guess I am the most junior among them, but they have never asked what my job ranking is. They are all wonderful people.

When my boss asked me to replace him last Thursday, I was sulking. I’ve got work to finish and yet he wanted me to relieve him from some course and it was for 3 days! I even had to sacrifice my Saturday. I cancelled all my appointments with friends on Friday and Saturday. I told myself since I’ve chosen to come, I’ve got to commit to it and put in my effort to learn. 3 hours into the course, I started to see it in a different way. Hey, I’ve learned something new! Every one of us got some little homework to do at the end of the day. It was fun.

On the second day, I kind of looked forward to it in the morning. I was the earliest because Andrew worked morning shift and it was so kind of him to send me all the way to Subang. I am grateful to this day. I had so much fun on the second day. We’ve got more homework to do. Andrew was pretty surprised that I was doing homework. Hahaha.

How I wish this is an on-going thing which will never have to stop. All things must come to an end. There we were, saying goodbye to each other. Well, not really goodbye, we will be seeing each other again on 12/12/2009.

I must really thank my boss for asking me to replace him. Given me a golden opportunity to learn something which I guess I could never learn from any where else. All the sacrifices that I’ve made, they weren’t sacrifices. I chose to. :)

Now, I must act and think proactively. Be a drop of water, send the ripples as far off as possible. :)

One of the homework we had to do, our very own personal mission statement. The 7 petals, signifying the 7 roles I have. The centre part would be myself. To strike a balance in all the roles that I’m playing, to work hard and play hard.



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