Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Looking Back

It is so often that I tell myself, don’t look back, always look forward since you can’t change the past. Today during my lunch time, I did not have my lunch. I worked and then took some time off to read my old blog posts.

I was reading those that I wrote using Friendster blog. I was surprised and disappointed with myself. Surprised that I wrote in such beautiful words and not seemed to be faking it. Disappointed that I write differently now.

I could sense that I had a clearer mind back then. I wrote to narrate my life, but now I am merely blabbering what has happened and what is going on.

Has my ego gotten a better hold of me to the extent that I write to please? Or am I wanting to blog so much until I blog without content? Perhaps I so want to keep my readers and that unawarely make me wanting to write a few new posts that contain no specific content?

Guess blogging too frequent is finally taking its toll on my once beautiful writing hands. Sometimes mass production just doesn’t work. I shall not blog so frequent then, stop creating so much of cluster to the blogosphere as well.

I shall write less. Less is more. :)

P.S. : I love this birthday post of mine, last year. As compared to what I have written this year April, it was totally nonsense! My old Ashley, be kind, please come back to me!!! I need you……


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