Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Another Fallen Star

Stephen Gately, most of us would have known him by the name “Stephen from Boyzone”, or “that cute guy from Boyzone”, or at a later stage “that cute gay from Boyzone”.

Boyzone is one of my favorite boy bands since school. My younger sister and I actually like Stephen more than Ronan Keating who seems to be the most popular in the group. We noticed that Stephen was the only one that would always look straight into the camera whenever it came to his face. When he sang, the song was written all over his face, he never failed to express. When he went solo, it was then everybody realised he got a beautiful voice too.

It’s just so sad that we’ve lost another great talented artist. He was only 33, at the top of his career. So sad…… A heart wrenching tragedy indeed.

Perhaps it’s not the end. It’s a New Beginning for him.

Goodbye Stephen. You will be missed, forever.


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