Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


It was Friday, I have a bunch of photos waiting for me to sprinkle some magic. Yet I went for a movie. LOL! Wanted to go on Wednesday, but Andrew was working late.

We were indecisive of which movie to watch. Andrew asked me what I wanted to watch actually. My one-million answer, “I want to see Bruce Willis.” Hahahahahaha…… Surrogates it was!

The movie was a good one. Didn’t really expect the story would be going in such an interesting way. The core of it may seem to be a little of old-fashioned, but it managed to send a clear message across to the audience. We human, have to live our own lives, in our own way. Face it, live it.

Bruce Willis looked so young in that robot body!!! I wonder how they did it! Make up? Computer effect? But he looks so handsome, both young and old! Gosh, I can imagine the girls all went ga-ga for him!!! Hahahahaha. My jaw dropped open and I couldn’t close it for like 5 seconds when he first appeared on the screen! The charm, the look, the body…… Geez…… Bruce Willis did it again, with his charm. :p

Enjoy the movie. It is definitely worth to watch!


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