Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


I am supposed to stay home for the day to finish the photo-editing. But it is so hard to refrain myself from going out to have some fun during the weekend! Especially when one of my many commitments is to spend more time with my BFF. :)

Few days ago Phoebe asked me to go to her friend’s house to have steamboat dinner. This morning they changed their mind, we went for a movie instead. Pandorum? What movie is that? Checked it out on the web, didn’t really understand the synopsis and the trailer. It looked so confusing to me. Guess we just had to watch it to understand it. LOL! All we know is that it is a sci-fi horror movie. Oh ya, starring Dennis Quaid. :) The only actor in the movie that I am familiar with.

So, there we were, going for a movie that we did not know what to expect. That was kind of exciting though, if you get what I mean. The Pandorum in the movie wasn’t referring to the mutated creatures, but it was a kind of psychological syndrome. Everything happened on a space ship where people were trapped inside together with some unknown creatures. Not knowing what was on the outside, people were struggling to survive on the ship. I am not going to tell you how those people ended up on a space ship without knowing where they were. You’ll just have to find out on your own, IF you’re interested. :)

After all, it’s not a bad movie. All the actions and suspense won’t leave you feeling bored. However, it’s a pity that the movie just couldn’t send the message across. You’ll be leaving the cinema thinking of the actions and creatures, but not the mother Earth. And it kind of sent the wrong message at the end, that we will have the second chance, second home to live in when our mother Earth couldn’t support us anymore. All we have to do is look harder for other planet to migrate to. We human should be responsible for what we’ve done to this planet, protect it and save it from destruction. Not seeking other planet to substitute it and continue our abusive act on other planets!

I seriously feel and think that we will be having our end-of-the-world soon. I may not live to see the day to come. But I believe our next generation, or perhaps next next generation… will be having the “honour” to witness it. Unless we/they are capable enough to save the world.


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