Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Whiteout. Blackout.

Friday night, Andrew off at 8pm. I didn’t want to stay in the office, so I decided to go KLCC. Told him would like to watch a movie and I’d buy the tickets first. Geez… The traffic was terrible and horrible. The streets were packed with vehicles!!! I was at the crossroad outside of KLCC. I couldn’t cross the street even when the pedestrian light was green! The cars and buses and motorbikes just coming from everywhere, ignoring the red lights!!! What in the world has gone wrong? The cars weren’t moving and that supposed to be easy to cross. I was wrong! Shocked and didn’t want to risk my life, I took the longer way. Walked to the Avenue K and used the tunnel to KLCC. Pretty exhausted when I reached. Didn’t buy the movie tickets, seeing the mad traffic I was afraid Andrew couldn’t make it to KLCC on time.

Anyway, there he was in KLCC around 8.30pm. With no idea of what Whiteout was all about, we were sitting in the smallest cinema in TGV KLCC, with only like 4 rows of audiences. LOL!

Kate Beckinsale looks stunning as usual. Love her hair. Don’t think I’d look as chic as her with that hair style. Tried that few months back, looked weird and old-fashioned. Hahaha.

The movie was OK. Not great, but watchable. The story-line was a bit messy though. At times it kind of annoyed me what it was trying to tell. Actually that was the suspense! I must say that the director/producer is pretty good at keeping the audiences suspended for such a long time! At the end of the movie, it only revealed what everything was all about. It would definitely put the “ahhh… ohhh…” on your mouth. :) Imagine you have no idea what it was from the very beginning until the very end. Half way through the movie, Andrew asked me, “what is this movie all about? Aliens or monsters?” LOL! I told him to “watch the movie and that is the reason why we are here”.


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