Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

It’s Been A While…

…since I last blogged. No, my passion for blogging and writing has not died. Not one bit.

My backache decided to make a BIG come back 2 weeks ago. No heavy exercise, no nothing. I just had the backache the morning I woke up. Could be the bed, could be the long-standing or too much of walking. I seriously do not know how it could come back. It is no joke to have a backache. Sitting was a problem, couldn’t stand too long a time, couldn’t walk much, couldn’t sleep well…… Gosh, at one point I couldn’t even lift my leg while standing. After few times of massaging, finally got better. But now I still couldn’t sit or walk too long. Sigh… It’s going to be another long way to full recovery.

I have gotten so lazy nowadays, I must admit. I still have photos that need to edit but I’m just sitting on it. Taking my own sweet time to do it. Gosh! If I want to do it, I can finish them within 2 days. Yet it took me so long. Felt so guilty when finally the girl asked for the photos. That is bad. It definitely doesn’t reflect good on me. Gotta work hard this week. Better commit to it.

I have really not much to blog now. My mind has been totally blank recently. A lot of things happened but I just do not know how to put them into words now. I do not wish to write them as how it happened, that would be boring. I couldn’t think much, there’s been too many things going on in my mind. Especially work. I am thinking about work stuff all the time.

More photos will be coming.


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