Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


The most anticipated movie is finally here. I personally think that most of us love all these armageddon movies. Guess deep down inside, there’s this part of us wanting to look for some comfort and heroes-of-the-day in the movies.

When I saw that man in the movie, I thought “can’t be him, he’s not this old and fat”. I managed to convince myself that it is NOT him in 2012 movie. Didn’t look at the cast and credits at the end of the movie, I finally checked out the cast on the web. Gosh, it IS him in the movie!!! John Cusack!!! When did he become so fat and old?! I still remember the lean and charming John Cusack in “Being John Malkovich” and “Con Air”. But now…… :( Of course we all grow old, and Con Air was 10 years ago. Sigh…… I myself am fat and old too. Hahahaha……

The movie, I guess it did leave some impact in all of us who watched it. If I remember it right, there was a news about the rich will be travelling to the space in some space craft. It’s going to be some kind of “vacation trip”. There’s a price to it, only the filthy rich can afford it. I wonder if it is something similar to the arrangement in 2012 movie. I just can’t help but think that way.

The only thing I think differently from the movie plot is, the destruction of mankind would not be caused by some solar flare. We are the ones who bring the end of the day upon ourselves. The depletion of resources, the global warming, the imbalance of food chain…… Just like what has been shown in the video HOME which I’ve blogged about earlier.

With all these cataclysm movies going on, supposingly it should create some kind of awareness among us. But look around us, not many of us are bothered with the environment. People are still taking things for granted, that the mother Earth could never go empty or sick.

It is so easy for us to start that little step that could make a big difference. Don’t use plastic bag when you go shopping, recycle the plastic bottles, don’t print your documents if it could be read on the computer, off the lights or switch off the appliances that are not in use, wash your clothes in bulk…… The list could go on and on. How many of us are really aware of doing them in our daily lives?

Sometimes I feel helpless when I see the people around me wasting the resources without feeling guilty or remorse. They normally shrug it off with a reply “never mind lah”. Sometimes, I myself have forgotten too. Holding a plastic bag in my hand and realised it only much later, often left me with a tinge of regret.

Enough of my craps. Let’s watch some trailer. :)


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