Many of us remember Phuket as an island of paradise, shopping, relaxation and tranquility. After the tsunami hit in year 2004, a day after Christmas, many now are in awe of how a small town could rebuild in such a short time.

My first time to Phuket, with my colleagues. It was a company trip, kind of to motivate and reward every one of us as we did not get any increment or bonus this year. Every one was excited about this trip, except me. Anyway, I’m glad that I went. Didn’t enjoy much of the sea and beaches, but I did enjoy the Phantasea show and the shopping. :D The snorkelling trip was nothing, corals are all dead, fishes are of not many variety and it was crowded. You are bound to hit on someone wherever you swim.

Had our lunch in Koh Phi Phi island. The tour guide told us 3000 people died here. I couldn’t believe that this is the place where more than 3000 people died in the 2004 tsunami. Looking at it, you wouldn’t know that it has such a tragic history. The island is still full of people. Most of the buildings are newly built after the tsunami. There is even a tsunami evacuation route now. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of it. The tour guide told us he was on a boat when the tsunami hit, the sea receded about 1km and he found it weird. When the wave came, he could only feel the boat rising up and down and nothing much. He didn’t know what happened on the shore until he returned at a later time. He said he was lucky to be on the boat and survived.

There is still a lot of development going on in Chalong and Patong beach. You can see that most of the buildings are freshly painted. Well, 5 years after the tsunami, they basically rebuilt everything from scratch.

On the second night, we went to Jung Ceylon shopping complex. We were late, they closed at 10.30pm. So, we wandered along Bangla Road. So many things to see, but not much that you could buy. Then we were in this street where all the pubs and discos are there. Thai girls dancing on the tables, pole dancing, men asking you to visit their clubs…… It was so happening there!

We then walked all the way back to our hotel, Andaman Beach Suites, all of us felt our legs were giving up on us. LOL! That was a long way to walk! We nearly got lost too. Fortunately saw our tour leader on his way back too. :D A tips to share, do not ever walk alone in Bangla Road, walk in a group! Not even if you’re a guy.

We all woke up early on the 3rd day, to go to this Premier Outlet in Phuket town. Geez, Nike is cheaper by 30%!!! Got myself a pair of shoes. I regret now that I did not buy the backpack which is selling RM80++ here and it was selling at RM60 there!

Am thinking if I should go Phuket again middle of next year with Andrew. Just for shopping and walking around. :P

In LCCT airport.

Gems Gallery

Chalong Temple

Mind FM!!!!

The giant durian in fruits market.

It’s a pity that I didn’t get to go for a ride on that, no one wanted to go with me. :(

View from our hotel room! Nice!

Going for the Phantasea Show.

The buffet dinner in this restaurant was awesome! International standard. No regrets!

Getting ready heading to Phi Phi Island.

At Koh Phi Phi Don.

Sunset at Promthep Cape, we were late and it was cloudy, missed the sun.

Last dinner in Phuket.

When we reached the Phuket airport, we were shocked to see all the queues!!! The security check at all 4 entrance were full of people and the queue was so long even by the road side. Crazy!!!

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