Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Online Shopping, Again

This isn’t my first time to shop online. I totally understand the risk of buying online and I can take the risk so long as I am careful in selecting my purchases. If the goods received were way too much different from what I saw on the website, it would then be the first-and-the-last time for me to buy from that seller. No point in cursing the seller for cheating my money. After all that is the risk I took and I have to manage it, not let it manage me.

Got my clothes on Tuesday. I was so excited opening the package! Hahaha. Ooohhh…… They look nice! Oops… One little problem with the clothes. First sweater, it was supposed to be grey with PINK trims, but it is white. Second sweater, it was supposed to be open-button sweater, but the one I got is a pull over sweater! Okay, they may be big problems to some people. To me, well, I’m okay with it, they’re just small details that varied from the photographs. Other than those details, I find that the quality is good. Well, that kind of comfort me. :)

So, people out there, if you ever wanted to purchase online, make sure you can handle the risk and the possible discrepancies later. If you can’t, online purchasing is definitely something which you should not even TRY, or THINK.

Here’s some photos on the differences.

Where have the buttons gone? Who ate the buttons? LOL!

The one on the right is what I received. See the different?


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