Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The First

In the blink of an eye, I am legally married for a year, this coming Sunday.

How do I feel? Hmm… Time waits for no man. That’s what I feel. Oh, and I feel grateful to have such an understanding husband. He’s no perfect man, but none of us are perfect. Guess I could never ever find another man that would take in all my craps willingly. Oops, correction: I shall never look for another man anymore. LOL!

Though we’re married and been together for so long, there is not a day we feel less loved. We quarreled, threw tantrums, got angry with each other, had countless cold wars… But they all stopped the very next day. I’ve heard people said “don’t sleep on an unresolved matter, solve it there and then”. Well, that is bullsh** at times. Sometimes the arguments heat up, both parties just simply have to cool down and stop talking. Many times after a good night sleep, I simply just do not remember what we had argued or I’d realise it’s just some small matter that needs no further attention. Why sweat over the small stuff when there are bigger things you have to focus on? One of the bigger things is, be happy.

After all, we’ve known each other for so long. The likes and dislikes, which buttons to push and which not to push further, we know them well. But “accidents” do happen. Hahahaha! Hey, we’re no perfect couples. :) A lot of times we got pissed off at each other, but those are sweet moments too. Often we laugh out loud together recalling our reactions back then. Yes, we do talk about it later after we both cool down. :)

I do nag at him. Oh please, every woman nags, ok. Don’t tell me you as a woman never nag. :p I too grumble about him with friends. No matter how happy we are, we tend to have things that we need to get them off our chest sometimes. Nope, nothing others can do or have to do. Listening will be more than enough. Don’t you agree? By the way, Andrew nags too! You’ll never believe me if you never see it. And you would never see it as he only does that to me when no one else is around. LOL!

So, how are we going to celebrate it? Well, being Ashley and Andrew, we ain’t really into celebrating all these. To us, we can celebrate it any day we want. Everyday is a Valentine’s day because we are still in love each and single day. And everyday is an anniversary, because we are still together every single day. Hence, no point to celebrate only ONCE on every 365th day. :) We shall celebrate love, not the DAYS.

The day we sealed the “deal”. :)


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