Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Random #3

Another wave of boredom and randomness hit me. My well of creativity is running dry and I could find no way to replenish it. Blame it all on my laziness, I hardly read lately! That Dan Brown which I proudly possess 2 months ago, had only opened twice, chapter 2. I just couldn’t believe it myself. Where has my reading interest gone?!

Got an SMS from Angie, the CDs that I mailed over have finally reached. But she has yet to collect them from the post office. I just can’t wait to see her again when she comes back. She is such a cheerful and strong lady. You could literally feel the warmth of the sunshine whenever you talk to her, suddenly all the matters that’s troubling you are now gone. Nope, I’m not joking. Well, you’ll just have to meet her to believe it.

Different school of thoughts, nurtured different type of people. Hence, our behavior and attitude differ. Many a time I find it difficult to deal with people who behave so much different from me. They probably feel the same way too. Well then, why should I torture my mind thinking about it? Okay, now I ironed out my own wrinkled mind. Good!

Last Sunday, went to Mid Valley Megamall with Andrew. Out of nowhere, a strong dizziness chose the best time to surface. The feeling was scary and yet funny. No, the world wasn’t spinning around me, no black out and I ain’t no see any star above my head. But I was like going to collapse towards the left side. Funny isn’t it? The funniest was, I asked Andrew “was it earthquake? How come I felt dizzy?” Hahahahaha! This evening, whilst walking on my two poor feet to KLCC, it came again. I saw (yes, I saw) that I was walking towards the left side of the pavement and my body was slanting towards the ground! I stopped for a few seconds and it all went back to normal. Luckily I didn’t fall. I don’t know what happened to me. This dizziness is something that I have never had before.

It’s late, again. Perhaps I should sleep early. HA! Knowing me, that would never happen unless I am very, very tired.

Alrighty, good night.


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