Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Back For Good

If you think that I’ve abandoned my blog, worry not, I have not. It’s just that recently I have not had the time to really sit down and let my thoughts “run” wild on the keyboard. I have been going home late, either waiting for Andrew to finish his shift or having fun somewhere. Work has been crazy too, always have my lunch late. On top of it, I am organising a Christmas party for the company. Christmas is coming and we still have so much to do.

Went to a few wedding receptions for the past 3 weeks. Last week was the one in Seremban, my colleague’s wedding. It’s been a long time I have not been to a Malay’s wedding. To see everything in such a perfect coordination of colors, simple yet elegant, it made me realised that Malay wedding is not one bit less tedious than us Chinese wedding.

Since I was in Seremban, made a stop at Melissa’s house. She has always made effort to come to KL to meet us. Since I was there, it is just that little effort for me to make to pay her a visit. So nice to see her family again, especially her niece! She grows so fast! Love her big eyes, kept staring at me but she’s scared of me. Hahahaha……

I am very tired, mentally. I know I still can do more with my body, I can still shop, movie and meet friends. But my mind is so tired. It’s like every bit of brain cells are drained out from my head. Sometimes I just couldn’t think of anything anymore. But my job requires me to think, all the time! That is the most tiring part, trying to squeeze some juice out from that poor dried coconut. LOL!

I need a vacation, and it’s coming. Long weekend next week, going back to Terengganu. Would be spending my Christmas with hubby and friends. Best of all, the long awaited Taiwan trip is around the corner! Argh, trying to plan our own itinerary is killing us softly. That, needs a lot of brain juice too! How I wish I could just go there, get a map and walk wherever I like. Like how I did in Hong Kong. But this time it involves a big group of people, proper planning is needed. I can’t be asking a group of people to walk like headless cockroaches with me. Hahahahaha!!!

I expect to put on some weight in Taiwan. So, now I am determined to shed some kilos off before I put them back on in January. Hahaha. My aim, 4kg to lose! Gosh, I can’t believe I’ve put on so much weight since this January. What on earth have I been eating?!

Now, waiting for Andrew again. He’s at the outsource center today onwards, for a week. Told me that he was so busy today, didn’t even have his lunch and make any trip to the washroom! That is ridiculous! He didn’t even have time to talk to me. Sigh…… Karma, I believe. Hahaha. I am always the one who told him I’m “busy, talk later”. :P

That’s all for now. Did I read like I’m writing crap again? A bunch of gibberish that makes no sense? Forgive me.


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