Penang For Christmas 2009

It was during our trip to Seremban and they suggested to go Penang. No one dared to commit until 3 days before the trip, the other girl said she has booked a home stay unit near Gurney drive. Supposed to be 5 of us, but one of the guys stood us up! Hmm…… So, 4 of us still went ahead as Andrew said didn’t want to spoil the holiday because of one person.

This is again, another eating trip. We ate all the way during our trip. I wonder how many kilos I’ve put on after the trip!

Since this is the first time for the other 2 friends, we stopped at Bidor to have the famous duck noodles. It was almost 3pm when we reached KL. We went to Batu Ferringhi and Hard Rock Hotel. It’s newly opened. I was so excited when I saw the Michael Jackson statue at the entrance! Hahahaha! The hotel gives a very comfortable look and feel. The swimming pool nearby the beach is huge! It stretches alongside with the hotel. The rooms on the ground floor all having private exit to the pool. We didn’t want to get stuck in the traffic, we parked our car in the condominium that were staying and walked to Gurney Drive to have our dinner. It was only 15 minutes walk. The food in Gurney Drive was bad, still edible but bad. Last year Andrew and I got fooled once, this year with another 2 friends, we got fooled again. Hahahaha.

On the second day, went to Kek Lok Si again. The Guan Yin statue is finally done. Pretty spectacular. We were eating the whole afternoon. Then we headed to Khoo Kongsi. This place never fails to fascinate me. Every time stepped inside it just like stepped into a warp hole, taking me back into the old days. How they used to live their life, their history, their family tree, their clan, their ways……

Went up to the Penang Hill on the third day, wasn’t a good experience. The tram was moving like a snail, took 45 minutes to go up and another 45 minutes to come down, not forgetting the waiting time. The tram to go up was so crowded with people! It was hot and noisy. I was grumbling all the way up! LOL! Luckily it was lesser crowd when we came down, had some space to breathe. Penang Hill has nothing much. The view is okay, you can see the Penang bridge from above. But that’s it. If you wanted to go, perhaps you should try to go in the evening. I’d bet the night view would be much nicer. There are a lot of spiders on Penang Hill! They’re everywhere!

My second trip to Penang was great. We even went to Tambun for some seafood dinner. Get to know a new friend through my friend, what a friendly couple.

Last year, Penang was my last trip of the year. This year, again Penang is my last trip of the year! What a coincidence!


2 thoughts on “Penang For Christmas 2009”

  1. seems that u love cendol , just hope u drop by to my stall at seremban and taste our cendol i’m located jalan temiang beside the old JPJ under the big tree,
    its free tatse for you and coment hows its taste. Drop by when u are in seremban u r welcome

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