Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


On 30th December 2009, tt was so kind of Yee to tell me that Zara is on SALE! Thought I could check it out and see if I could get some work pants and shirts. Didn’t see anything that’s worth the money, they’re still expensive even after the discount. It’s just another sales gimmick they have to attract more customers.

Since I couldn’t find any working clothes, went on the check out if there is any cheap winter jacket that I could possible grab. I kept oh-my-god-ing on the jackets’ prices and Andrew kept giggling. When I was about to give up, I guess I said too much of “oh-my-god” and God heard me, I saw this jacket and the price was OK! Even Andrew said OK. Too bad that there were some imperfections on the brown color that I like, I had to take the white. Now I have to be careful wearing it.

It’s only RM99.90. To my surprise, there were some of them priced at RM139! Same jacket, same color, same everything, but RM40 different! I wonder why.

I was so happy that I finally got a jacket with a decent price. Then Andrew saw this 4-letter word (SALE! I know what you’re thinking! :P ) on Topshop’s display window and decided to go in to have a look. That was then I spotted this green cotton jacket. :D It fits him nicely! RM63 after discount. I wanted to get the smallest size for myself, too bad that the green didn’t have XXS anymore. I took the purple. :) Guess what, I got a RM25 voucher and it was RM37 for mine! So sweet of Andrew that he said he would buy that for me. Okay, my belated Christmas present from him then. :D

Last week went to Karaoke with Phoebe and Wan Yi, each of them bought that Zara jacket too! Hahahaha! :P

Kinokuniya was having this special 30% discount on selected books with purchase of another item of any value. How could I miss that! Went with Phoebe, I got myself another Jimmy Liao‘s book. It is his new book, One More Day With You (走向春天的下午). Then this book caught my attention. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. There is already a movie based on this novel. I didn’t bother to watch it as I thought it would be boring. I don’t mind reading the novel though.

My first 2 books of the year 2010. :)

How nice to start the new year in such a splurge. Well, not really a splurge. LOL! Hope I could more intellectual this year, finish all the books that are lying there in the corner for a long time.


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