At last, watched Legion last night with Andrew. Wanted to watch it long time ago, but was so busy after the trip. Fortunately it is still in cinema.

I was so looking forward to it. The trailer looked promising. I had faith that it was going to be a good movie. Especially when I saw all those angel’s wings flying all over the screen. Andrew was also wow-ing at those gigantic black wings! LOL! We were full of faith, until last night. :(

The movie was okay, Paul Bettany looks cool. He never fails to impress the audiences with his unique look, bad or good guy, you’re just gonna love him. But he was trying too hard to look charming in the movie, what a big spoiler. Lucas Black, again I found this man familiar, it was later only I found out he is the guy from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. His acting sucks in Legion. The rest of the cast? Not worth to mention. Oh, there’s another one, same old Dennis Quaid. LOL! Been seeing him in lots of movie lately.

The story was lousy though. There were a few parts where I almost fell asleep with their oh-so-intellectual conversations. I kept asking Andrew “why do they have to talk so much”. I guess the director/script writer treat us as some kind of kids, they have to explain every little details to us. Funny is, they left one important thing unexplained. Why her? There must be so many single ladies got pregnant before marriage, why must it be her? Who’s the father of the child? Is he special? I’m not sure if the director did it for some reason for not disclosing that. For the sequel? Perhaps. But no history on the pregnant lady, that just confused people. The armor that the Archangel Michael and Gabriel were wearing, in the movie, that was so gladiator-like! Geez…… And how funny it is when Michael referred to himself as a general of an army in the movie. *Faints* All of a sudden, the “heaven” has become some sort of invincible kingdom and the angels have become the warriors.

Andrew said, “the earth is like a playground to the God in the movie. He keeps the mankind alive when He’s in the mood and just exterminates everybody when He thinks He has lost His faith. Haha.” But he still thinks the movie is good. Hahaha. I just couldn’t believe that God could lose His faith on human. Lost His patience, yes. But faith? And He couldn’t do it and has to send a bunch of macho angels to be the assassins.

I am not a God believer, but I understand that if God ever exists, He would never lose His faith. If He could ever lose His faith on us, how are we going to have faith in Him again? Correct me if I’m wrong.

If you just want to get entertained by Paul Bettany’s look, go ahead and enjoy yourself. If you’re looking for some butt-kicking actions, be my guest. If you’re looking for some intellectual inspirations from the movie, you may want to think twice.

I still love Paul Bettany with wings. LOL! Oh, and also his jacket in the movie! Ooooohhhhh……

1 thought on “Legion”

  1. I actually prefer Gabriel over Michael. Lol only because of his grand entrance into the diner. But like you I didn’t really enjoy the show at all, so many gaps in between the plots. And I don’t understand why they have to incorporate some Japanese horror flicks into the movie, not so brilliant me thinks. But overall 4/10?

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