Percy Jackson

Before Chinese New Year, I bought my first ever Percy Jackson book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Saw a lot of its movie posters while I was in Taiwan. I didn’t know what story it was until I got my hands on the book. It’s all about the Olympian gods and the demigods. I’ve always loved Greek and Roman mythology, how could I miss out the Olympus then? :) Thought I could finish the book before I watched the movie.

When I turned on the first page, I got gloomy. The story was written in first person, “I, Percy Jackson……” :( It’s funny that I don’t mind reading blogs that’s written in first person, but I do not choose/buy books that’s written that way. Why? I do not know. I just feel funny and weird to read books written in “I”.

Since I’ve bought the book, I just had to finish it. It took a little getting used to, the next thing I know, I could hardly put that book down. No fancy and big words, it is so simple and easy to understand. Then I realised, ah, it was meant for the children, dumb me. Hahahaha. The story was good enough, love the edgy side of Percy Jackson.

Went to watch the movie then 2 days ago. First, I was a bit surprised to see the “bigger” version of Percy by Logan Lerman. Percy from the book was only 12, this one on the screen looks 16 (Logan is 18 this year). Of course, this is the movie, not wholly based on the book. Then things got worse, most parts of the story have been changed. Grover isn’t the shy and timid Grover, Annabeth isn’t the wise and calm Annabeth, and Percy has become pretty arrogant and self-centered in the movie. How sad……

Half way through the movie, I had to tell myself to stop comparing it with the book, enjoy the movie! Hahahaha. Yup, it was still a good movie despite the distorted story from the book. Andrew was wondering how Luke stole the lightning bolt and why Zeus would suspect Percy, the movie didn’t explain it well. However, we still enjoyed the movie. Andrew even said “it was better than Harry Potter”. LOL! He is never a HP fan. :)

If you want to watch Percy Jackson, better watch it before you read the book. It isn’t good to have a “book” in your mind while watching the movie. If you have read the book, make sure you erase all the Percy Jackson shadows in your mind before you enter the cinema. :D

One thumb up to Percy Jackson the movie, and 2 thumbs up for the book.

I went to Kinokuniya wanted to buy the other 4 books of Percy Jackson series (there are 5 of them in total), which I’ve seen few weeks ago when I bought The Lightning Thief. Good grief, they’re all out of stock! It’s gonna take 2 to 3 months to replenish! Oh my, my, my…… Gotta try my luck in other bookstore. Sob, sob.

Now, let’s see some Percy power! Yay!

P. S. : Waiting impatiently for Clash of the Titans!

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