From Paris With Love

Yeah, so much of love, in Paris. Hahaha. Just one glance at the title, I dare bet almost everybody would think that it is a romance movie, including myself. :) Again, Andrew was the one who wanted to watch it. I was okay to go along since there’s John Travolta in it. :D There is another young man, good-looking chap, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Hmm…… Looks familiar. Ahhh…… Hugo Boss Element commercial ad, does it ring a bell now? ;)

What a unique movie. Seeing John Travolta punching and killing people, that was awesome! But he looks young in the movie, I couldn’t help but wondering if he has had something done to his wrinkle-free face. Well, you can’t blame him. Of course he has to look at his best acting alongside such a young charming actor like Rhys Meyers. And Rhys Meyers, despite his handsome face, he could definitely act well.

There was not a boring moment in the movie, at least that’s how I felt. The only bad thing is, everything moves too fast. It’s like someone is trying to tell you a story with all the actions and moves until you don’t get the chance to breathe and think about it. Also, John Travolta is trying too hard to impress the audiences (now Ethan Hunt of MI3 would look stupid in front of Charlie Wax). It was Rhys Meyers’ character that pulls everything back to the reality.

From Paris With Love isn’t the hottest movie. In fact I didn’t hear anyone talking about it nor read it before the movie is in the cinema. If you like action-hero movies jam-packed with all the actions you could ever expect in a movie, you’ll definitely love this movie just like Andrew does. Especially if you’re a fan of “Swordfish”. LOL!

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