The Underland. The Wonderland.

Before everything else, an official big “Hello again” to my precious Fish Avenue. Things are bad at work, I was pretty sad for the past 3 weeks or so. All my brain cells have been channeled to problem-solving, not much left for literature purposes. LOL! Luckily managed to watch a movie or two.

First time watching movie with colleagues, a Movie Treat the company’s Sports Club (aka myself) organised for all of us. But only 7 of us went.

The last time I watched Alice in Wonderland, the cartoon version, I think I was probably 10-ish. Now to see Alice in Wonderland in real person version, I couldn’t help but feel excited. The only uncomfortable thing was that I was going to watch it without Andrew.

The story was about the grown-up Alice was back in Wonderland to rescue it from the Red Queen. There was a lot of conversations and sometimes they talked in funny phrases or words, you have to really pay attention to understand them well. There was some action scenes too, which made it not so boring. But please don’t expect it to be an action-packed movie, it is not. I’ve heard people saying that the movie was so-so because not much of actions in it. Come on, it’s a fantasy movie, Alice in Wonderland! The name says it all. I wonder if they’ve watched/read Alice in Wonderland before! LOL! By the way, Johnny Depp is still as awesome as ever.

If you love magic, fantasy and all sorts of weirdness, you MUST watch it. Make sure you bring your curiosity along, you need a lot of curiosity to believe what you see in the movie. Alice in Wonderland is not for those who seek for actions.

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