Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Boring Sunday

It’s Sunday…… Slow and boring Sunday. Ain’t going out, Andrew wanted to watch his more-precious-than-his-wife F1 race on TV. Whenever there is F1, I feel like I am the outcast. Argh! Mind you, he wouldn’t even take note of what you say, what you do or where you are. Everything will have to make way for his F1 during this period. Sometimes it makes me feel so miserable that F1 has more weight than me in his heart.

Had a barbecue dinner with his colleagues last night, in Kajang. It’s been a long, long time I have not gone to any barbecue gathering. I must say I am still pretty good at it. LOL! Those chickens that I attended to, none got burnt! Hahaha. So jealous to see his colleague has a big tank of gold fishes!!! I love gold fish so much! Few years ago tried to keep some of them, every time they would just die, didn’t even last for a month. I pity those fishes and told Andrew that I would not keep them anymore. I felt like I was the murderer. :(

Although we did go out yesterday, thought of going for some shopping spree this morning, but Andrew said “gotta be back by 1.30pm for my F1”. DUH! That totally killed my mood! So, me sitting here playing Facebook games, surfing the net, reading blogs and now blogging on how boring my Sunday is. Ish, ish……

Still got some books to catch. Oopsie, my Dan Brown!!! I am still on page 14! LOL. All right, bury myself in The Lost Symbol then. Now, my time to ignore Andrew. Kakakaka……

Oh, one good thing to pick up my mood, am going for seafood treat with Andrew’s aunt tonight!!! Yes! Crabbies… Here I come!


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