Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

A Year With YOU

Still remember last year when I first saw you, I thought you were something that I could only salivate for from far. First time I held you, the feeling was overwhelming. I would never want to caress or hold others anymore. I recalled I kept turning back to look at you when I was leaving. From that very day onwards, all I could talk and dream about was you. Even Andrew could feel my feelings for you. Yes, it was that strong.

Andrew couldn’t bear with the sight of me missing you terribly and miserably, he offered to take you in so that you and I could be together! Aw, that was so sweet of him. I was in cloud nine meeting you again. Gosh, finally, YOU ARE MINE!!! To hold you once more and knowing that we would not part anymore, that was one of the many sweetest moments in my life.

There are times you would give me troubles and problems, but I could live with that. Off late you have been acting kind of slow, I am fine with that too. I am still happy to be with you. The fact that I do not look for others like you, that shows that you have been a great companion to me. I wish for no replacement and I do not want to think of how life would be without you.

I feel guilty though, that I am secretly hoping to see another newer, trendier and faster YOU. How unfaithful I am. But… But……

Okay! Enough of killing my brain cells over that little iPhone of mine! LOL!!! Sorry that you have to read through all those craps only to know that I am talking about my phone. :D I am feeling so bored with work. So, came in here to get a little creative. Hahaha.

Time can really travel so fast…… I felt like it was only yesterday when I first gotten it. Never had I imagined I would be an iPhone user, but look, it’s been a year!

I have written a few reviews on my iPhone too. All in all, I am still loving it. If you don’t compare it with the 3GS, you wouldn’t feel annoyed. Recently my iPhone 3G is kind of slow in responding and loading. Too many applications I guess. But that shouldn’t slow it down since iPhone is made to fit in all those applications.

Am now eyeing for iPhone 4G, been waiting for it to show its face. Apple has really got its way to hide things from the public!

Eventhough iPhone has its limitations, I am still one satisfied iPhone user and owner. I do not keep abreast with the handphone trends now, ’cause I know there won’t be any other handphone I’ll be interested in. It is always going to be Apple iPhone for me now. Call me vain or plain showing off, there are people out there who would tell you the same thing about their handphones too. :) So, I am not alone.

Now revealing what I have in my iPhone 3G. Total of 8 pages, not a lot I think. But gotta slim it down, it’s been a while since I last organized them.


2 responses

  1. miumiu138

    wah.. u r terrible than my hubby ler.. So many games and applications. I will delete those applications or games if i dont really used it for sometime. haha..

    April 24, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    • Ashley

      Kakaka… My hubby lagi terrible, he always downloads rubbish!

      April 24, 2010 at 4:37 PM

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