Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Random #4

Reading all my old blog posts…… Few times I was surprised with my creativity and choice of words, but many times I was laughing at my own self for writing nonsense. :) I do not know how all the readers out there feel. Guess I owe all of you a “thank you” for your patience.

I still miss Michael Jackson, still love listening to his songs. He’s gone for almost a year. By now most of the people would start to put it into their deepest memory and won’t be remembering it unless someone mentions it. But I can’t seem to recognize the truth that he is gone. It is like he is still out there some where, singing…… I guess that’s what happened to legendary artist, like Elvis Presley. They live on eventhough physically they’re not.

My BFF is leaving KL soon, very soon. I’m happy for her that she has finally gotten the opportunity that she has been looking for. I don’t feel sad that I won’t be seeing her as often as before, but I feel lonely all of the sudden. I don’t have many hometown friends who come to KL to work, most of them are in Johor. And now my BFF is leaving too. I have lots of other friends too in KL, but to think that I am “all alone from BP in KL”, that leaves me feeling uncomfortable and slightly miserable. Anyway, life goes on. I am a very independent person, all I need is time.

I have been so crazy-busy at work, why? Beats me! There is always something and someone that I have to attend to urgently. Those tasks that are not urgent but important have been sitting at the corner blinking their innocent eyes at me, asking “when are you going to look at us again”. I feel so guilty to not doing any HR planning at all. With the limited time, how much can I, 1 person do?

It is middle of April now. Sigh…… Time flies so fast that it doesn’t allow me a single moment to sit and plan well. I know what I should do but I am not doing it. The laziness, the fear, the time, the persons…… Argh, I am so frustrated with myself.

It is late now, 12.21am and I have yet to have my shower. FB-ing a while, reading my blog, backing up my photos, uploaded some…… Geez, I still have the Taiwan posts yet to update.

Can I have 26 hours a day, please?


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