Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Since I am the only HR personnel, I have to print/email all the resumes or CV’s received and pass them on to the hiring managers. To avoid printing wastage, I normally screen through all the resumes/CV’s, try to minimize unnecessary space. I can tell you the resumes nowadays are really bad. It’s either too much of nonsense, too much of information that confused people, too long, too short…… You name it. Don’t the candidates know a bad resume/CV frustrate the recruiters? You are probably thinking it doesn’t matter, but please bear in mind that the recruiters and hiring managers have to go through, what, hundreds of bad resumes. I rarely come across a good resume. Sometimes I had to call or email the applicant for further information. One of the bad resume examples is, they use Excel spreadsheet for a resume. -__- Sigh, what more can I say?

To call the shortlisted applicants for interviews, that is difficult too. Most of them sound so stuck up over the phone. If you weren’t interested in the company or the job, why have you bothered to apply in the first place? That is one question that I constantly ask but I couldn’t get an answer. Some of them are so unwilling to take leave for the interview. It is so often they requested to come for the interview after working hours. That is convenient for them, but that causes a lot of inconvenience to us. Sometimes I have to attend the interview till 8pm. I am surprised too, that the applicants nowadays expect the employers to accommodate them. Yet, they do not appreciate such understandings the employers give. If the employers couldn’t do as they asked, they would even show you the cold shoulders. “Ok, then I can’t attend the interview then. Bye”. Yes, some of them said that. What kind of attitude is that for a job seeker? You tell me.

I’ve been sitting in for the interviews too. It’s not a must for me to sit in, but my boss would sometimes ask for my feedback on the candidates interviewed. If I weren’t present in the interview, I wouldn’t be able to answer him. Sigh. The interviews have taken up so much of my time. But I get to see all sorts of people with all types of attitude. Cocky, overly confident, ridiculous, unreasonable, rude, impatient, shy…… Just to give you a picture of the quality of the job seekers. Out of 10 shortlisted applicants interviewed, only 3 would be shortlisted for consideration. 1 of them can be considered as qualified but need to be coached, another 1 is OK but asking salary doesn’t commensurate with the experiences, the 3rd one would only be considered if the first 2 reject the offer. Now, you get the picture, right?

It is so often that we couldn’t find a suitable candidate. The job seekers out there are asking for so much yet they want an easy job. I truly understand that the cost of living has been on the climbing curve these days, but by asking for higher salary just isn’t the right way to solve that. I have had candidates telling me “I need the money for a car”. Gee…… Who doesn’t need money? Some of them have the cheek to tell you that they have a family to support so they need higher salary. What? Are you telling me you will only have a family when you work for us? Where’s your family now? You don’t need to feed them now? And all of a sudden now you can’t support your family?

Job seekers out there, if so happened you’re reading this post, please think for some other excuses to justify your HIGH expected salary. “I need the money” just doesn’t work these days.

If you ain’t got the qualities or qualifications, please do not apply for the job.

If you are not interested in the company or the job, please do not apply for the job too.

If you do not have the time to come for the interview, please do not waste your time applying for jobs either.

If you have all of the above but you are merely trying your luck to see if you could get a better-than-now salary package, please do not waste your time and our time too. Recruiters and hiring managers do not have the time to interview you only to find out they can’t afford you.

Some funny conversations during the interviews.

Interviewer: Why didn’t you update your resume when I requested for it? It’s not the same as the one you give me now.
Interviewee: I just didn’t want to update it that time. *With a cocky and serious face*

Interviewer: Tell me if you could do full sets of accounts and what are the steps.
Interviewee: You don’t ask me this question, you know. I haven’t worked with you. So, you don’t ask me this kind of question now. *With an angry tone and expression*

Interviewer: Why do you want to leave your current company?
Interviewee: They asked me to travel to outstation but I don’t have a car.
Interviewer: Can’t you buy a car? Or don’t you have any allowance for working outstation?
Interviewee: That’s why I need a new job to buy a car. They do pay allowance.
Interviewer: Can’t you travel by public transport? Taxi is very convenient.
Interviewee: *Silence* …………. I need money, okay?

Interviewer: You’re earning RM40,000 now, is that monthly or yearly?
Interviewee: Monthly. I’m commission-based, basic is RM4000.
Interviewer: Why do you still want to leave then? That is good income.
Interviewee: I’m looking for a much higher income.
Interviewer: That is a VERY GOOD answer.
(We stopped asking question, interview lasted 10 minutes or lesser.)

Interviewer: If I give you an invoice for payment without other supporting documents, what would you do?
Interviewee: File it.
Interviewer: 2 weeks later, payment not made, supplier is asking, are you still going to sit on it?
Interviewee: No supporting documents what, what to do? File it lah.
(The manager and I almost fainted.)

There are still a lot more, but I can’t recall now. On and off I’ll just share them here when I remember. :)


4 responses

  1. Cheryl

    Wow, very depressing interviewing this kind of people. Obviously they have attitude problem, and who’s going to hire them?

    April 18, 2010 at 8:48 PM

  2. Mel

    wow….such a brilliant mind he has…
    straight forward twist & turn words..LOL!!

    April 19, 2010 at 9:15 AM

  3. Ashley

    The job seekers now are really terrible and horrible. All of us want money, but they’re just too much. To them, it is only money and it is never work. And their quality has dropped so much. Very sad indeed to know about that truth.

    April 19, 2010 at 9:33 AM

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