Detoxification and Organic

I’ve been taking Melilea Greenfield Organic powder as my meals replacement. I’ve stopped consuming it for quite some time, but last week I started it again as I feel that my body is getting “dirtier” and it seriously needs some detoxification. Surprisingly, I’ve lost some weight. Not in terms of inches, but in kilos. Couldn’t help but shared my happy moment in my Facebook, and now I have a few friends asking me how Melilea works.

I’ve heard before, but was quite skeptical about it. I thought it was another MLM gimmick. Saw it grew bigger and bigger, I again thought it was going to be another MLM which wasn’t going to last long. Hahaha. Then, more than a year ago, Andrew’s then-colleague-now-friend recommended this Melilea Greenfield Organic. It is some greenish powder that’s produced from fermented organic vegetables, fruits and all sorts of botanicals. He told Andrew it works wonder to detox. Andrew tried it first, he kind of forced me to try it too. Gosh, it tastes so yucky! It is so slimy. *Blek* But hey, I am used to it already. I can now gulp it down without feeling nauseous or disgusting.

Back then I wasn’t taking it to replace my meal, I took it at night. First sign, I kept passing gas!!! LOL! Normally at night, don’t worry, not in the public. Hahaha. Then I had smooth stools. Then I felt healthier. Guess our body accumulates too much toxins from unhealthy food. To detox once in a while is actually a good thing.

Now I skip my lunch, take Melilea instead. First, to detox. Secondly, to keep fit. Hahaha. I’ve put on so much weight and I can’t seem to refrain myself from those yummy temptations! All I can do is, eat less.

I don’t encourage people to skip their proper meal. I skip lunch, but do you know that I have heavy breakfast which can usually last me till 2pm? At 2pm only I take Melilea which mixes with soya powder. That would keep me going for another 2 hours. When I feel hungry, I’ll munch on something. Of course I’ll suggest you to munch something healthy such as fruits or salad. Hahaha. Since Andrew is now working normal hours, I can have my dinner at 7pm or 8pm consistently everyday. So, to me, skipping lunch is fine.

If you really want to go on diet, please have proper diet too. Not eating at all is not the best diet to lose weight. Eat low carbohydrate food, more protein; less oily food, more greens; avoid snacks, take fruits.

All I want to say is, I take Melilea for detox, not for losing weight. My weight loss could also be due to the amount of food I take now is lesser. If you seriously want to try Melilea for total weight loss, I suggest you ask the expert or the agent. If you are considering Melilea for detox, I’d say by all means, go ahead. :) It’s good for your body and health.

Do remember, to always start your day with a hearty and healthy breakfast! You can’t function well without breakfast. Skipping breakfast doesn’t help in losing weight, at all. So, breakfast please. :)

P. S.: I am not a Melilea agent, but Andrew is a member. He is not selling, purely for the purpose of individual consumption. If you want a reliable contact, it would be Andrew’s friend. Hahaha. I too, am under no obligations/influences to promote Melilea. I am merely sharing my life. :) And I don’t want to give people the false impression of me skipping meals to lose weight. I am not. I am a food lover, I love to eat. I eat lesser, but I am definitely eating. :D Too slim, isn’t necessary a good thing. Obesity is not healthy too. If you’re meaty but in a healthy way, why not? Love your body, love yourself. Eat healthy, stay happy. :)

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