Flash An Apple

I didn’t know the fact that Adobe Flash is not working on iPhones until I have one of my own. For the past one year, I have been telling people who have asked me “how is your iPhone”, that “it is good but it doesn’t support Flash”. It isn’t a major issue to me as I have thousands of games I could download from the Apple App Store that do not require Flash. They are amazingly fun. But still, I couldn’t play the Flash games in Facebook. Yes, I play Facebook games.

Today, a friend shared an interesting and informative article written by Steve Jobs (just in case you do not know, Steve Jobs is the co-founder and CEO of Apple), it gave me a whole new insight on Flash. I have to admit unashamedly that I was wrong to assume “Apple doesn’t support Flash”.

Thoughts on Flash ~ Steve Jobs, April 2010

If you’re wondering why Flash isn’t on iPhone, iPod and iPad, like me, you should read it. Don’t even bother to click the link if you’re not into all these, because it is a pretty long article. LOL!

Without Flash on my iPhone, I could still play games, surf net, watch videos on YouTube, make payment, book a movie ticket…… Well, almost everything, without Flash. Now, now, why on earth was I so grumpy about “Apple doesn’t support Flash” in the first place? It isn’t a big deal after all!

Hmm…… This is bad. Bad, bad, bad. No, no…… Ashley, put that thought away! “You aren’t seriously thinking about GETTING that iPad, are you?!” Erm, why not? Since now I don’t see Flash as important as I did, iPad without Flash is just as interesting as iPhone, probably more. :D Let’s wait for the iPad in Malaysia then. Hyak hyak hyak…… *Grins evilly*

P. S.: It totally blown my mind away when I know the facts that Adobe Flash is so slow in adapting to the world changes and yet everyone (almost) is thinking it is Apple’s fault not to have Flash in its products. We, sometimes look at the surface of things and do not bother what’s underneath or behind them. Everything has 2 faces/sides. Undeniably and unfortunately, I am just as ignorant as everybody else. What a tight slap on my face. BAH!

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