Get Pressed or Get Blogged

Lately, I have noticed there are a few bloggers around me switching from Blogger to WordPress. I wonder why. Has WordPress improved so much that it attracts more bloggers? Or has Blogger stopped improving that leaves frustrated bloggers switch channel? Or it simply is the trend now?

Few years ago, when I used to have a Friendster account, I had a blog in Friendster too. Then, I blogged in Later, someone introduced Blogger into my life. I was with Blogger for a year.

Blogger is more user-friendly. You can do a lot of customizations if you know where to look in those eye-blinding HTML codes. They’re lengthy, but they’re not difficult once you grasp the basics. All in all, I loved Blogger. I’ve even encouraged others to blog and recommended Blogger to them. I am still recommending Blogger whenever people asked me.

The reason why I switched to WordPress? For security.

If I want total security, I could have easily limited my Blogger blog to only authorized friends, but I would still want others to read my blog too. Plus, I didn’t want people to keep emailing me to add/authorize them so that they could read my blog. Besides, it is only a handful of blog posts which I would like to keep them protected and I enjoy the freedom either to disclose the password to others. I am not sure about other free blog hosts, but I know WordPress could give me that kind of luxury. Haha.

On WordPress, I can’t do customizations unless I want to get myself “dirty” with those CSS style sheet. That is something no fun to mess with. People told me CSS is just like HTML if you know the basics. Whoa, to me that is a total whole new world. I have yet to find time to get familiar with the CSS. Plus, you have to pay for the upgrade in order to edit the style sheet.

You can’t have third-party Java script on WordPress too. You can’t tag a “page” in WordPress too.

So, I gave up Blogger because of one single feature it doesn’t have despite of many others that it has? I sound weird, don’t I? :) Well, I’ve paid my price for being careless. Gave up Blogger is just a small price that I could afford compare to the one that I have paid with my own privacy.

Now, I enjoy the freedom of blogging and yet have the protection whenever I feel need to. Still, I am very careful in the choice of words, not wanting to infringe on the rights of others. How did I land myself in the blogosphere? Well, I was afraid one day I could be so sick that I wouldn’t be able to remember what has happened in my life. So, here I am. :)

Blogging can help one to get famous, it can also bring one down. It’s a double-edged sword.

Are you a Pressed blogger or a Blogged blogger?

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