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Tony “Iron Man” Stark

It was strange that both Andrew and I were more looking forward to Iron Man 2 than Ip Man 2. Of course both movies are must-watch for me, but I have more interest in Iron Man. Andrew said because he likes robotic things and technologies. I, on the other hand, do not have the answer as to why. Robert Downey Jr.’s charming face? The pretty Gwyneth Paltrow? The super iron suit? Hmm…… I think, and I feel it’s because I want to see how Tony Stark turns his ill-fated life into an adventurous one.

He was a playboy and he once lived a messy life. It wasn’t his wish to become the iron man, a hero. The electromagnet energy he has on his chest is to prevent him from dying. He created the iron suit to save himself. It was only then he decided to further improve his suit. Hero by chance? Yep, I’d like to assume it that way.

The Iron Man, isn’t about fights, actions or massive explosions. It is about how the technology evolves and how mankind uses it. Andrew and I walked into the cinema, expecting to see the Iron Man. There are people who walked into the cinema, expecting to see the Iron Man fights. Can you see the difference?

Oh no, I’m not saying we are so intellectual and great to know how to interpret a movie better. We’re no expert in movies. It’s just we have a different mindset than the rest when we watched Iron Man. We have all seen how Iron Man can fight in the first sequel, and you can expect to see all that in the 2nd too. About actions and fights, I would say not much in the 2nd sequel. It was more about how Tony Stark struggled and desperately wanted to save himself from dying. It was also about how the technology evolves to create better and worse things in life.

There are a lot of lengthy conversations, which I think are necessary. Iron Man wouldn’t be as great if he could only fight and kill without a brain and a soul to drive it. If it is an action-packed movie that they wanted to produce, they might as well just rewrite the script and ask Tony Stark to give Iron Man a chip to make it a drone rather than he wears the suit himself. Right? If that was the case, I think Iron Man by then would be even more boring.

It is the characters in the movie that make it a great movie. When Andrew and I saw how the suit works, we went ooh-ooh-ah-ah. When we saw how the suit got damaged, we went ouch-ow-oh-no. Boring conversations? Were there any? I can’t recall. LOL! I guess we were so engrossed in the story and totally blend ourselves in and we forgot about which part was boring. :) All I could tell you is, Iron Man 2 is never boring to me.

Again, if you are looking for Iron Man flying all over the globe (like those other caped heroes) rescuing people from danger and harm, you can forget about watching Iron Man 2.

If you’re expecting to see Iron Man fending off enemies with all his oozes and strength and whatever weapons that could mount on him, you can drop the idea of going to cinema for it. Iron Man only uses energy field as his weapon.

If you want to look for a full 2 hours of actions, fights and explosions scenes, save yourself the time and watch Transformers II at home would be a wiser choice.

Iron Man is purely for the Iron Man fans who look for metal suit and highly advanced technology that keeps that thing running. Iron Man is not a killer machine, I would rather say that it is much like a protector or as what they called it in the film, a SHIELD. So, don’t ever dream or imagine that Iron Man would go around killing and destroying enemies and bad people. LOL! :p

After the movie, I still love Iron Man 2 despite the not-so-good comments I heard from the crowds in the cinema.  Love the way the suit wraps around Robert Downey Jr., love the way it runs, walks, flies and stand. Does that make me an Iron Man fan? Hmm…… Just a small one I must say. Hahaha.

Lastly, good movie or not? It is the individual preferences that prevail. :)

I didn’t put a video of Ip Man 2, but I wanted to put a Iron Man 2 trailer here. LOL! I just love it, so much. :D Especially how the suit transforms from a suitcase!!! Ooohhhhh……


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