Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Eyes On Me

Last Friday morning, 30th April 2010, approximately 8am, after a heavy downpour, there it was, clear blue sky. Andrew was driving, on our way to work. 5 minutes away from the condominium that we are staying, I saw it. A beautiful rainbow at its bloom in the sky. I wanted to take a photo of it with my iPhone, Andrew reminded me that we have brought our camera along, why not use that. Took my sweet 450D out, happily snapping away, smiling to myself that I finally got the rainbow on camera. Showing and telling Andrew how beautiful the rainbow was. I love rainbow, for it always brings a smile to my face, without any reason. Whether it is the colors, I am not too sure. Rainbow makes me feel happy. :) Never would I have imagined from this day on, rainbow would add another layer of mystery to me.

Few days ago, only did I have the time to upload the photos to my laptop. Browsing through the photos, my finger stopped clicking for next photo, my eyes went all wide and my jaw almost dropped when I saw it. I gasped, enlarged it, zoomed in, zoomed out, wiped the screen clean, blinked my eyes numerous times, then I shouted for Andrew to come quick. It wasn’t the fear that had me shouting for him, I just wanted to make sure he saw what I saw too.

There he was, looking at the photo.

Me: Are you seeing it?
Andrew: Yes, why?
Me: Do you see what that is?
Andrew: Yeah, a pair of eyes. So? There’s another EYE on the top left corner too.
Me: What “so”? A pair of eyes ON the sky! Where did it come from? What is that? Why is it there?
Andrew: It’s nothing ok, maybe just some reflections.
Me: …… …… ……

And there he was, leaving me alone in the room went all wide-eyed at the photo trying to find an explanation for it.

Okay, he saw it, that proved my eyes are seeing it alright. But how? How did that pair of eyes get there? The photo was taken from inside the car, reflection of something on the windscreen? No, windscreen was clear as the rain had stopped for quite a while when we got out. Reflection of something on the dashboard? No, nothing on the dashboard, not our habit to put things there. The lens? No, if it were to be the lens, the following photo would have the same thing too, but no. Something in the car reflected on the windscreen?

I have checked the car for 2 days in a row. Nothing in the car could have made such an eye-like reflections. Not a pair of round thing in the car that resembles anything like that. So, what was that? Are they seriously a pair of eyes appeared in the sky over the rainbow? Why did they appear then? To watch over us? To scare us?

I so wanted to believe that it was some reflections of something. I so wanted to convince myself they are not the eyes.

I look at the photo everyday, trying very hard to figure out what they are. The darker rings on the outside, the white area on the inside, the black on the center and the rings got thicker on the upper part. They all make it a pair of eyes.

No one could offer me a solid and good explanation. Most of my friends told me they are of reflections of something.

I am not afraid, nor am I disturbed by it. I merely wish to find an explanation to it. If it were some signs from above, I would like to believe that it is a good sign. If it were some phenomenon that can be explained scientifically, please, someone out there, do tell me.

Guess what, just a few moments ago, I was looking at the photo again. Zoomed in and out for so many times. Andrew was beside me and I asked again, “do you think it’s reflections? I don’t see how a reflection can do that.” “No, it’s not reflections”, he said. Geez, Andrew is one that would not tell me things in such a serious face and tone if he doesn’t believe it himself. Now, now, it just adds more mystery to it.

If you could offer me some explanation, do drop me a line here. I could email the photo to you if you would like to study it.

Here’s the photo. By the way, the rainbow was amazing. Too bad that it wasn’t an over-the-sky rainbow.

Can you see it?

This is the photo taken after the one above.

No, if you think that I may have edited or Photoshop-ed the photo to add in the eyes. I do not have to do that to draw attention. I do not need that kind of attention. :)


2 responses

  1. O.o really no explanation for that. Those eyes are so round, well at least its not a scary stare.. its amazinG! Heaven’s eyes?
    On the other day, while me and hubby in the car.. on our way home, we saw straight lights shining from above and I am so amaze and told hubby, its seems the shine is up from the heaven.

    ” Now my comment on the right place dy” he he

    May 9, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    • Ashley

      LOL! Ya, right place. I deleted that one oredy. :D
      I guess at some point of our life, we would experience some miraculous/unexplained moment. :)

      May 9, 2010 at 10:33 PM

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