Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Ma, I Love You, Dearly.

As far as I could remember, I have never said “I love you” to my mother. Nor did I say it to my father. I just wasn’t brought up in a family that expresses love in that way. It’s all in the actions.

My mother, used to be a full-time housewife and part-time tailor, to help out on the family’s expenses. She used to make us a lot of lovely dresses and hats too. In fact, she is still sewing at home, but her customers are mostly relatives. No rush, no haste, she is now taking her time. Sometimes she uses 6 months to finish a blouse. She is also helping father in his office. It is now so often that she complains that my father doesn’t do most of the things, they are all delegated to her and she is so busy in the office. :)

Mother used to be a teacher too. Grandma was a teacher, when she had a stroke and couldn’t teach, my mother replaced her to teach in the school for a few months until grandma recovered. Mother has constantly been a very strict teacher to all of us when we were small. The long ruler she used for her sewing works, was our biggest “enemy” of all time. :) She has had no problem buying replacements after they broke on our “thick skin”. I had a small scar on my left eyelid, the ruler broke and one of the tiny pieces decided my eyelid was its best target. I remember, that was because I failed my Bahasa Malaysia in Standard 3.

She is the best cook, ever, to me. The food from a famous chef of a famous restaurant could taste heavenly. However, nothing can beat my mother’s home-cook dishes that taste like HOME. I could have a week of nice and luxury food in 7 different restaurants, but I would always look forward to a hearty meal from mother at home. She knows every of our favorites, and there is never for once we felt the food was not enough. No matter how tough the time was, she has never failed to cook a warm and nutritious meal for us.

Mother is our superwoman too. Whenever we fell sick in the school, she would be the one, riding on her precious bicycle, to pick us up from school. We are all too familiar with the scene of sitting at the back of the bicycle, wrapping our arms so tightly around her waist, and smelling in her soothing scent in the wind. It was so often that we left our homework at home, we rang her up from school and she would always have her way of finding where we left our homework, bringing them to us in the school on her super-ride.

How in the world a woman could manage 4 daughters of different age at the same time? How did she manage to fulfill our different needs? What has she endured to bring up 4 of us? Who is taking care of her needs then? Where did she go when she needed a break from everything? I have never seen her absence in my life, she has never taken any break. How did she do that? I have no idea.

She is a mother, a tailor, a teacher, a cook, a healer…… She is almost everything and anything that we need. We can never repay her enough.

I have before complained that my mother isn’t considerate enough and is money-minded. But who could blame her for being protective towards her daughter and wanting only the best for her daughter? Having said that, never have I disliked her or loved her less for one moment.

I am not a perfect person but, she has taught me well.

Thank you, Ma. I love you, dearly. Happy Mother’s Day. To all the mothers too.

P. S.: My mom would probably never read this. This post is for myself. :) I want to remind myself how much she has sacrificed for us and I shall never forget that. Shall ring her up tomorrow, of course not about I left my homework at home. :P


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