New Theme

Gosh…… WordPress has only 80++ themes to select, and it took me more than a week to finally choose one that suits my taste (as if I have fantastic taste), my style, my blog content and my preference.

I wonder why WordPress requires us to upgrade (to pay) in order to edit the CSS. Plus, to use a third party theme which is not featured in WordPress ready-to-use themes, we have to have a web host! Argh, saw so many nice themes and yet can’t even use them. Big bummer!

This theme you see here allows me to change the header photo and edit the text. But I couldn’t realign the text or change its font and size. Geez…… They let you customize but they do not give you full customization, that is just so frustrating.

How long can I stick to this theme? I don’t know. Hahaha. In fact I love the other theme, guess I’ll keep that for later. :)

Do you like this theme? Please let me know if you think otherwise.

3 thoughts on “New Theme”

    1. u like which one eh? i’ve changed the theme again oh, this post was meant for the earlier theme… Hahahaha…..

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