Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Surprise Cooked

It was a little hilarious that they thought I was going to COOK something for Andrew. Yes, I was cooking, but not food. :) I was anxiously cooking a surprise for him since 2 months ago. Oh, the surprise did involve food though. Haha. Just that I wasn’t the one to cook it.

Been searching for bakery that could actually do a Ferrari F1 car design. It is either too expensive or they just simply could not do it. There was a baker quoted me RM1000 for a cake like that! Gosh!

Seeing that all hopes were gone, decided to just order some cupcakes with cute animated arts on top of them from BunsInTheOven. I hesitated for a while because I had to collect the cupcakes on my own, they do not do delivery. It was in the middle of March, when I saw they had made a series of F1 Ferrari theme cupcakes, I knew that I was so going to get it or else I’d be sour! Hahaha! I was so disappointed when they told me they couldn’t make it on 3rd of May, which was Andrew’s birthday. :( I was so determined to give him a surprise. So, I accommodated to the baker’s date and postponed the surprise to a week later.

No regrets! Andrew loves them! He couldn’t bring himself to eat them, they are so cute! What is more contented than seeing the man you love loves the surprises you gave? :)

The cupcake was of chocolate flavor. It is very moist and soft and fluffy, not too sweet, very yummy indeed. The sugary arts on top of the cupcake was too sweet though. I guess that’s why the baker didn’t make the cupcakes too sweet, the sugar on top is just enough to compensate that.

Guess I will be ordering more themed cupcakes from them in the future. :)


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