On The Other Side

I love to take photos, I love photography, that is a known fact. But do you know that I love to be photographed too? I finally get to be on the other side of the camera, “full-time”. :D

Owner of the sweet Canon 450D for 1 and a half years, Andrew has never offered to photograph me except when we were traveling. I would have to tell him “take here, I want this… I want to see this…… right right, left left……” LOL! Bossy? Hahaha. Perhaps. I have lots of photos, but never a proper portraits kind.

I did not expect it to be a total photo-shooting session with Wan Yi and Melissa! We started off with a 3 hours of karaoke in Redbox The Gardens, singing our hearts and lungs out. Although I was late, I had a wonderful time still. The Backstreet Boys’ Everybody is still echoing in my little head. Haha.

After the karaoke, the unbelievable photo-shooting session began! And I, have become their model, officially. Or I shall say “guinea pig”? LOL! They wanted a BIG “moving” subject to practice, and I was happy to be that subject. Hahaha. Who to blame?! I never had a GOOD photo-shooting session of my own.

Here, let’s see what we have now. I am so, so, so happy with all the photos. I am happy as a clam! :D

(These are from Wan Yi. For photos from Melissa, click HERE.)

A great day has come to an end, in a great way. :)

Went dinner with Wan Yi and Kong, fish head noodles, in Kuchai Lama. Pretty good. Had my first sip of the soup, thought the one in Desa Petaling that Phoebe brought me to was nicer. Towards the end, found that this one was better. The milk isn’t too much and that makes the soup whole lot better. I almost finished the soup!

8 thoughts on “On The Other Side”

  1. yeah….nice one!! very nice ‘bokeh’…
    thanks for inserting my site too…. =)
    looking forward to the next one liao…..”guinea pig”…kekeke
    btw…wat color are you arr? yellow guinea pig? =p

  2. I so so so Heart the whole thingy! I want it again!! SOOON!!!! haha.. And thanks for the lens! hehe… Without the lens, there wont be such nice photos.. hee…


  3. haha.. ash, u shd let me become ur MUA. haha.. Good job for Wan Yi & Melissa… when is our turn ?? hehe…

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