Am I A Crazy Shopper?

In my previous post, if you’ve read, I’ve bought a blue dress for RM167. Andrew was a bit surprised with the price, but he is always very sweet to say “as long as you like it, it’s ok, and by the way, it is pretty”. He has never tried to stop me from buying anything, he would only ask if I needed it.

I’d buy cheaper clothes too, if they’re nice. I’ve even tried online-shopping. My last online-shopping experience wasn’t a good one. I was so disappointed. I’ve bought 9 pieces of tops and dresses altogether, amounting to RM261. Guess what, only 3 of them are wearable! That is sad, isn’t it? RM261 for 9 pieces is VERY cheap. But when you could only wear 3 of them, you do the maths. Out of that 3 pieces, one T-shirt, one off-shoulder blouse and one cotton dress. The rest of them, bad quality, poor workmanship, way too different from the photos on the web, sizes are not consistent with what mentioned on the web too. Shall post the photos of them when I have the courage to look at them again. Now whenever I see them, I feel sad. Can’t wear them nor give them away. They are so bad I wouldn’t want another person to feel that I’m giving them unwanted bad stuff. I may sound a little exaggerating, but one thing could prove that they’re really bad. Tried all of them on and showcased to Andrew, he has never said a word except smiling. Oh well, perhaps one word he did say when I asked if it looked nice, “OK” was his only answer.

So now, you tell me, would you rather spend RM261 for 3 casual simple clothes? With that RM261, I could get a pretty dress from Miss Selfridge and a nice top from Dorothy Perkins which I could wear to work. Most importantly, I know I am going to wear them!

Okay, I am finding excuses to justify my shopping spree. LOL!

5 thoughts on “Am I A Crazy Shopper?”

  1. Hmm…. the always say ‘no’ Wan Yi is saying yes to those things that u have bought last weekend..

    Actually i have been thinking about those things that i have bought, thinking if i have gone overboard by buying so much… but after thinking for awhile, i managed to convince myself that since i have already bought it, dun think too much but to enjoy it to the fullest… Geez…

    So so so, just enjoiy looking at yourself when wearing that dress and the shirts… And YEah… You look very good in that dress…

  2. yOU’re not crazy. I’d do the same. I tried 2 times buying online those blogshop with very nice pic.. mostly is bad quality. Now I don’t buy eventhough it looks real pretty. Times Square has alot of the same kind and the price is even better RM25 or RM30 only -no trying, its almost the same as buying online but u get to examine the quality and able to measure it on the spot.

    I would say, I will spend RM100-200 for a nice piece, because of the material and design, so I can wear it for years, really! I even got 1 blouse from Zara, very nice design and I’ve been wearing it for 4yrs and they are still stylish and in good condition I wear it frequently too.

    1. Yep, Cheryl, I agree with you. Good one can wear for a long time. I have dresses that I am still wearing now, 4 years. Hahaha.

  3. i used to purchased some dress from online boutique. Those online boutique clothes are very small size (xs/s/m), although they said is FREE SIZE but some time i dont even can fit in at all.. sigh. The moral of story: Good thing not cheap, Cheap thing not Good !! (translate from Cantonese)

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