Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Random Thoughts

No, I’m not sad. I am pissed. Not angry, but pissed and annoyed.

People, before you start asking question, please think twice. The question you throw at others could be something that person is avoiding or struggling for a right answer to tell you.

If you do not want to have a child, please do not ask others “why are you not pregnant” too. Or, “when are you going to have a baby”. That person might not want a child too. Respect their decisions and choices.

If you have difficulties in having a child, please do not ask others the same questions as above over and over again too. That person may have his/her own difficulties too. Respect their difficulties and privacy.

If you have children and a happy family, please bear in mind that there are individuals or married couples out there who enjoy the happiness of solitary or being with their partners only. Respect their beliefs that may differ from yours.

The same goes to married people who always ask why the singles aren’t married, the singles ask why the married got married and/or those in the relationship are getting question why they’re not married yet.

It could be the first time you ask the question, but it could be the 100th times the other person heard it. If at all you just have to ask, try asking it in another way. There are so many ways to ask a question without hurting the other person, why not get creative and ask in a discreet way? Or put yourselves in their shoes for 5 seconds, then only ask the question. Trust me, you’ll see it in a whole new way and ask a more appropriate question.

Life is already tough enough and we all are doing our very best to make it a happy and an enjoyable journey.

I may or may not have fertility issues. But I have made a choice of not having a child for the time being, please respect my decision. Perhaps, I have no problem at all, but I may just choose to adopt a child rather than having one, there are so many lovely orphans out there. Please respect that too. I too, have chosen to marry my husband. Do you see it? It is all about making decisions and choices. When you expect others to respect yours, you have got to respect others’ too.

If you tell me it is all out of concern, then please do it the right way. There are so many things in life that you could ask about, why must limit them to only reproductive and marriage issues?

I say I have no appetite to eat, instead of asking me “are you pregnant”, you could have just asked “are you ok”. I say I am craving for some food, instead of asking “pregnant makes you craving”, you could have just suggested me where to get some nice food. See, it is so simple and yet people always try to make it so complicated.

If you do not like what I wrote here, there’s no need for you to get all upset and angry. Just close the browser and maybe curse a little. After all, this is MY blog. Like it or not, Ashley is still Ashley.


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