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When it is no longer safe to learn

Photo courtesy of TheStar Online.

Close to the end of April 2010, a piece of news shocked the whole nation. Almost everyone was wondering how could a girl possibly have been raped repeatedly in the school.

School, which is supposed to be the safest place, for us to learn.

School, is supposed to be a place filled with laughters.

School, is a place that fosters love, not fear.

The school has now become a ground that provides nothing but threats and troubles, not just to the students but to the surrounding community and residents. Even the teachers and parents are helpless and live in fear too. How could one learn and gain knowledge in such environment?

It is a shame that it happens here in our country. What a shame for the supposedly-studying-and-innocent students to go astray and got themselves involved in gangster-ism. Worst, to become a rapist at such a young age. Their future, is torn apart by their own hands the moment they committed such crime. The victims, may have to undergo all sorts of therapies and treatments to be able to face the world again.

The only question in my head is, why has it always had to come this far for us to realise something is awfully wrong? There has got to be some signs or indications before it has come to this stage. Things must have been going on for some time for it to go all sour. Well…… Now isn’t the time to find fault or put the blame on someone or something. This, gives us the opportunity to re-look into our disciplinary system in schools. For the parents, it is time to really take note of your children’s behavior in the school and also their whereabouts after school.

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