Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

In Loving Memory

You never said goodbye.
Someone tell me why.
Did you have to go?
And leave my world so cold.

Is he really gone?
To the fans, he is never gone. His voice is still surrounding us everyday if we let it.
To his family, they may have felt his absence more than anyone else in the world.

It’s been a year, without realising it. It feels like it is only yesterday.

I couldn’t help but got teary this morning when I heard his voice coming through the radio. (Shh…… Andrew didn’t know, he would have laughed at my silliness if he knew. He is pretty skeptical about people tearing for an idol that they have not met or touched. :) ) I wonder if it was me who get almost emotional at everything recently, or it was the song that made me teary. But I know that I do miss him and feel sad for what he had to go through. All he wanted was to relive the childhood that he had never had the chance to live. The circumstances just did not allow him the luxury to do that. Was he guilty? It no longer matters anymore. He is now free from it all.

His faces are all over the TV channels again. How could one believe that he is gone when basically he still lives in our memory and our life? You can’t deny the impact that he had made and in fact, he is still making an impact on our life.

Try listening to “You Are Not Alone”, and tell me that you are not moved by it and tell me you do not miss him. It is a very emotional song. Soak yourself in it and you’ll understand why.

It is one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Whether you love or hate him, he remains the King of Pop, that no one could ever replace.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.


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