Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Oh My

Guilty as charged. I am not going to tell you all the reasons/excuses in the world, for I am not blogging for so long. How long was it since I last blogged? Erm… 11 days ago…… Hey, 11 days isn’t THAT long. Hahaha.

I am busy working and having fun. Since Andrew is working normal shift now, he would come pick me up from office and we would go straight home. Sometimes we do go for movie during weekdays, but hardly. Weekends, we have all the time to ourselves. Been visiting friends and his aunt. Later in the evening we will be heading to his aunt’s place again for BBQ dinner, a small birthday get-together for her children. I was supposed to go to Shah Alam meeting some friends for the yearly Bon Odori festival, but wouldn’t want Andrew to rush here and there to fetch me, I decided to drop the Bon Odori event. :( Well, you lose some, you win some. One could never have the best of both worlds all the time.

It’s 17 July 2010 now. There is this love and hate feelings for the month of July. Sister’s birthday is coming soon. On the other hand, I lost 2 family members in the month of July too. Next week would be the 4th year since grandma’s passing. Grandma adored and pampered me the most amongst all her grandchildren. I love her too, but there was a time where I was angry with her over some family matter. But I could never hate her. Just the thought of her would always bring me to tears. So, I rarely speak of her with friends. I miss her so much, miss the way she called my name, the way she looked at me and how her hands felt when she held mine.

Enough of the tears. Life’s been good to me. Few days ago a friend asked in Facebook, “what does one eventually pursue in his life?” I was actually thinking about that question for the rest of the morning and I couldn’t find my answer. I am pursuing a lot of things in life, but none of them could really fit in the picture of “eventually” and “ultimately”. Financial freedom? Family? Live life to the fullest? I am doing my best to achieve all of them. Then, I realised, I plan for the future but I live in the moment. I am more of a believer of live in the present, leave the rest that I can’t control to take on its own course. Ahh…… Sound complicated eh? :) I’ve been doing good so far despite a few glitches here and there.

Time to knock myself out in bed. Geez… it’s already 2am! Good night people! See you in a bit. :) More updates soon.

New family member in aunt’s house! Tissue!!!

The power of sisters. Nothing could break the bond between us. :)


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