The A-Team

Last month, saw the trailer of The A-Team, thought “old man Liam Neeson with some middle-aged guys”. Hahahaha. You can’t blame me. Bradley Cooper is still charming as ever, you just can’t miss his handsome face whenever he’s in a movie. The other 2 characters/actors, I am not familiar with. I told Andrew after watching the trailer, the actions definitely look promising, I ain’t so confidence with the cast though. Hahaha.

We decided to go ahead with the movie for the actions, and we never regret. I must admit I was wrong to judge a movie by its cast! Hahaha.

The movie was great! It has been a long time I did not laugh so much watching a movie. No, those comedies and cartoons are funny, but The A-Team was different. I couldn’t describe it, you will just have to watch it to know it.

Do you know that The A-Team was based on an old television drama series in the 80’s? I did not know! And to think that the television series was actually VERY famous!

You just gotta watch this movie for its humors and funny conversations. Forget about all the logic and rationale, just enjoy yourself. :)

Oh, and I love it when they said “AMF! Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot! Adios Mother F***er!” LOL! :P

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