Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Remembering the Fallen

Today, 6th August 2010, marks 65th year after the world’s worst atomic bomb (Little Boy) dropped in Hiroshima.

There is one question remains extremely controversial and no one would or could ever provide a good answer. Was the atomic bombing justified? If we remember the Nanking Massacre, we would think that the Hiroshima bombing was the right thing to do to end it all.

How about the invasions of Japan? Was it justified too? The killings and torments of the innocent…… Ask any survivor of the WWII and they would tell you a bloody experience which they would prefer not to recall. My father was only 1 year-old and I wonder how my grandparents survived. Too bad they are no longer here to tell me.

“They” never apologise officially for what they did. “They” even denied it. Why? Why would “someone” commit an act (where the public knows it all) which they later deny of ever committing it? The guilt? The fear? The pride?

War is cruel. It is never good. No matter how hard you try to justify a war, it will never be justified. Killing innocents to revenge the innocents? Murdering your people to revenge my people? You bomb me, I bomb you? You started it and now it’s my payback time? When is it going to end? Some said the one with great power could end it all and win it all. No. No one wins in a warfare. No one…… Everyone is a loser. The fallen ones would always remain the fallen ones, no matter how much blood they had in their hands.

For the millions of lives lost in the cruelty of the war, innocent or guilty, may their souls rest in peace.

No more war, please. World peace.

Nanjing Massacre Memorial. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

The cloud of fire and ashes after the Hiroshima atomic bomb dropped. Photo courtersy of Wikipedia.


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