Another Time. Another Place.

Was in Seremban with Wan Yi on the last day of July 2010. What a good date! :) Melissa brought us to this place which is supposed to be a library for Seremban town. The moment we took the turn and we could see the little pretty-in-white not far away. It indeed looks beautiful.

The dust and dirt accumulated everywhere made us realised that the building is not occupied. Isn’t it wasted to build such a nice place just to abandon it when it’s completed? Typical Malaysian style. Sigh.

Well, it’s good for us though that it is unoccupied. :) We could take photos everywhere and anywhere we like without fearing someone would chase us away. :D So the photography session started.

I only brought my 50mm, couldn’t take a wide-angled shot of the building. All I could take was portraits. :) Thanks to Wan Yi who was already so tired and we made her went under the hot sun to take photos with us. LOL! Thank you again Ah Yi. No kidding, the weather was so humid and the sun was scorching hot! We were constantly wiping our sweat away. Hahaha.

Melissa is getting better at handling her camera. She has a way of seeing things (framing) that no one else sees. You see her aiming at something, but the result (photo) would always come out to be different from what you expected it to be. Love the surprises. After all, photography is be yourself and do it your way. :)

Many friends have said that they must get some photography tips from me. Just because I have a DSLR, it doesn’t make me a photography expert. I shoot with feels and guts, those technical do’s and don’t-s are out of the windows whenever I shoot. So long as the lighting is right, adjust a few more things, then I’ll “fire” away. :)

Well, you may say I’m arrogant, ignorant or cocky. All I could say is, all I want is a good photo, how I achieve it, that’s another story. Perhaps I am a person who focus on the result, rather than the means. LOL! As long as it is not against the law or breaking any rules, who wouldn’t want to do it smartly. :)

Here are some photos from my camera. Shots of myself are taken by Wan Yi. :) She is real good at taking candid photos! :D

Introducing the beautiful photographer cum driver, Melissa. :)

Here’s Wan Yi, the cute and sweet as ever lady.


Time to go home. :)

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