Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Kuala Terengganu. Sun. Sand. Sea.

Most of the people would give me a wide stare when they know Andrew is from Kuala Terengganu, followed by the remarks “so far”. Some of them would show their sympathy for the fact that I have to travel such a long distance with my husband. A lot of them would even be very surprised to know that I follow Andrew back home whenever it’s possible, few times in a year. Few of them said I am a good daughter-in-law and wife to do just that. :) I feel honored but that doesn’t make me a good DIL or wifey. If there wasn’t any North-South Highway, to go back to my hometown Batu Pahat is equally long too. :)

Kuala Terengganu, 6 hours drive from KL city center, at 120kmph average. It’s going to take longer if you’re driving at 100kmph. From Karak Highway to Kuantan, about 3 hours. After Kuantan town, there isn’t any highway/expressway. Hence, it takes longer. You will go into the Kerteh industrial park, with lots of oil processing plants/industries on both sides of the road. They look beautiful and amazing especially at night, with the burning fire (from the excessive gases). Day time, they look as impressive too.

I like Kuala Terengganu, for I am pretty much a beach person. I am not a sun person, but my first Redang trip has made me fallen head over heels for the beach and the sand. I do not like the sun still, but I am not afraid to go under it and bask in it. :) In fact, I kind of like getting a teeny bit of tan despite people has been telling me fairness is the queen of all. :D

The sea at KT, changes every time I visit. It is usually very choppy during the month of December and the color is brown, but last year August, it was pretty choppy and windy too. Early of this year, it was pretty peaceful but the wind was strong. However this August, it is extremely peaceful and breezy. The color is so pretty! I don’t remember seeing KT’s sea at this color!

The weather, HOT HOT HOT! Even hotter than Bali’s! It is stinging HOT in KT, whilst Bali’s hot is milder and hardly makes you feel uncomfortable.

Besides the sand and the sea, I like the food in KT too. There are so many delicacies that you could never get in KL. They’re not some expensive food in a luxurious restaurant. They are food on the streets or in some small non-air-conditional restaurant.

Also, mom-in-law’s home-cooked meals. :) She cooks whenever we go home, and she cooks a lot! Andrew and I often stuffed our stomachs so full until we could hardly walk. It’s not that healthy actually to eat so much, but you wouldn’t want to see the disappointment on her face. Plus, home-cooked meal is after all better and healthier than the food outside. :)

Other than the beaches and the food, there isn’t much entertainment you can find in KT. Cinemas? Sorry, there isn’t any. Shopping mall? Erm, there is a supermarket and it isn’t really that “super”. Water sports? Oh, if swimming in the sea is considered as water sport, yeah, you can swim. LOL. Oh yes, there is one place you will have to go when you get the chance to visit KT, the KT state museum. It’s boring but again, it’s not that boring actually. Hahaha. Worth a tour.

Next time, when I go back again, hope that I could remember to take photos before I start biting into those delicious food! Hahaha. I’m sorry, whenever I saw those food, I forgot to take a photo of them. :D

I have so many photos to edit. Please pardon me for a while. I promise I’ll come back with more photos, soon.

Here’s one to curb your “hunger”. Hahaha. Specially requested Andrew to help me take some portraits! Gosh, he needs a lot of practicing and polishing. Obviously he has forgotten how to shoot, decently.


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