Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Narrow Minded

Everyday, in the newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, online news…… All I read and see are about politics, angry people, protests, riots, natural disasters…… I hardly read any efforts made in saving our environment, our Mother Earth. Why so? Why is our media not helping in creating the environmental awareness? Is our Mother Earth the last thing that we should concern?

We human, are selfish and self-centered, most of the time. That, no one could deny. Many a time, we do things for our own benefit, at the expense of others. Here, on this planet earth, we ravage the resources of the earth without ever feeling guilty and the need to give back! All of us, including myself.

I sometimes feel frustrated with my selfishness. I could have done things to help, but I did not. If every one of us could do our part, do that little help everyday, spreading the awareness, we could have done so much.

Seeing the disasters are happening every where, I couldn’t help but think “is the end of day near”. We shall not blame the nature or the destiny, we brought all this upon ourselves. We disrupt the nature, and we are only making small effort in restoring it. If we do not give back, then we are all merely parasite to this planet earth. Sooner or later, the HOST will die, and so will we.

My friends, shall we start doing our part the best we can, to help our Mother Earth? Without her, there wouldn’t be any of us. Politics aside, racism isn’t an issue no more…… The real issue here is, how long could the Earth sustain us?

If you have not watched this, please watch. You will then understand why the environmentalists are so paranoid at times.

Click HOME to watch the video. Spread it around.

Photo courtesy of HOME Project


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