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The Expendables

Aiyoooo…… Why did I recently keep picking the “bad” movies to watch?! *Bangs her head against the wall*

It was The Last Airbender earlier, and now, The Expendables! *Slaps her head* Like I said earlier, I hardly found a movie bad, unless they are really that bad.

By looking at the impressive cast and poster, I told Andrew I MUST watch The Expendables. The movie was in the cinema few weeks ago, I only got to watch it few days ago. I thought I was lucky that I managed to catch it in the cinema. Now I wish I had chosen to watch Grown Ups. :(

The first 10 minutes of the movie, I couldn’t help it and a loud laugh burst out. No kidding, I burst out laughing in the cinema with only 2 rows of seats filled! How many of us in the cinema again? Two rows? You do the math. I’m not sure if others heard me laughing, but I know as hell that I was laughing so hard. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren were fighting some pirates. They donned on some kind of glasses so that they could see through the fog/gas. The visual through their glasses, the animated people and the spilling of blood…… For a moment I thought I was watching some low budget movie with poor visual effect! LOL! My gosh! It was so badly filmed! Throughout the movie, you can always see blood flying all over the places! @__@

The director, Stallone, failed to introduce the characters in the movie, not even briefly. Why did they get together? What makes them the mercenaries? Why are they called The Expendables? I hadn’t had any clue until I read the whole plot in Wikipedia.

I bet Stallone was trying very hard to inject some humorous conversations into the movie. Well, some of  the conversations are funny, but most of the times, they aren’t humorous at all. It is so obvious that you could sense the actors are trying so hard to make it funny and it failed.

The whole movie, I only enjoyed watching Jason Statham’s face and body. Hahaha. Mickey Rourke played his role well, but too bad, he was more like a supporting role or a narrator in the movie. There’s another person I enjoyed watching although he only appeared for like 5 minutes. That is Bruce Willis. I loved it when he threw Stallone all the threatening remarks. :D So cool!

Jet Li, was like a midget amongst all those big “meat”. Dolph Lundgren looked like incredible Hulk in the movie. :( The rest of the cast, forgettable.

The Expendables is a movie of merely putting together all the action movie stars and make a big mess out of it. The story line sucks. Until now, I couldn’t understand why a General of an island with an army would fear an ex-CIA agent and let him ravaged his island. Ridiculous plot and unconvincing story.

If you asked me, I would say The A-Team (without an impressive cast like The Expendables) is way, way, way better!

Now, enjoy the trailer. :P Another example of a movie doesn’t live up to the trailer’s thrill.

2 responses

  1. Agreed.. I also watched this movie… Not a real real good movie

    September 9, 2010 at 9:58 AM

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