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September Surprises

For the month of September, The M.A.W. brings you the SALE and the new stock.

For sales items, click HERE.

As for the new stock, this time The M.A.W. is bringing a trendier and all-occasion clothing line. Do check them out HERE. Like any? Faster grab yours, the stock is of limited quantity.

I’ve added a new page here on my blog, so that it’s easy for you guys to check out the updates on The M.A.W. :) It’s on the top right corner.

Personally, here are the items that I like. :) What says you?

Flattering Layered Sleeveless Dress – RM55

Polka Dots Mini Dress – RM55

Vintage Printed Dress – RM45

Sleeveless Shirt with Front-tied Ribbon – RM45 / Satin Tiered Skirt – RM40

Sleeveless Satin Dress with Mini Bow – RM65

**I’ll blog about the photos and the model later. :) Let’s not steal the lime light from The M.A.W. right now. ^__^**


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