Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Bad Evil

*Running around pulling her hair screaming what-shall-she-do*

When was the last time I splurged on clothes? It was in May. Since then, on and off I did buy some, but didn’t really splurge. Today, I did it again. Right before my Hong Kong trip and I spent so much on clothes again!!! This is insane! I don’t know why the “demon” would sometimes strike and possess the better part of me.

Dorothy Perkins. RM201 after discount. Hopelessly in love with it after Andrew’s comment of “nice and special”. LOL. Tried the other one with polka dots and Andrew said BAD. Hahaha.

Bought 4 singlets/spaghetti strap from Topshop, with 20% discount.

I’ve bought a lot of singlets, but whenever I need one to match, I couldn’t find one. I have no idea where have my singlets gone to. It’s very frustrating and sad when they went missing-in-action for no reason. :(

Saw some nice dresses in MNG and Zara too, but those dresses would make me look more matured. Good, save me some money.

The fashion trend now, is pretty vintage. Lace is back, dresses with rounded collar is moving in, floral prints are everywhere, monotone is out, high-waist skirts/pants are HOT, bell shape shirt and flare skirts are showing their tips…… I’ll be going to Hong Kong next week, wonder what the trend is now. Hope that I would not burst the budget again. Fingers crossed.

Shopping, the best therapy ever. If you have the money, that is. :)


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