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Hong Kong Vs. Taiwan

Went to Hong Kong, again, last week for 5 days. My first time in Hong Kong was 5 years ago. I couldn’t believe that how much I have changed 5 years later. My mentality has matured so much. What I used to like about Hong Kong, is not what I like now.

The moment we got off the plane and entered the airport, I was thrilled. Finally, I’m back in Hong Kong, I thought. HKIA never fails to fascinate me. It is so clean and spacious and quiet.

However, when we reached the hotel room, I was like oh-my-gosh with my lower jaw dropped open almost touching the ground. The tiny little room with only enough space to walk in between…… I’ve never in my life seen such a small “hotel” room. Let’s leave the long story for my Hong Kong post later.

Then, it’s the people in Hong Kong. I’m sorry to say this, they aren’t as friendly and polite as people in Taiwan. In Taiwan, when someone bumped into me or I bumped into someone, all you could hear is apologetic remarks from the other person, no matter whose fault. Passengers saying thank-you to the bus driver when they get down from the bus. Taiwan people says thank-you most of the times. They’re so humble and polite, not only to the tourists. As in Hong Kong, the people there are always in a rush that they do not bother to say sorry when they step on your toes or bump into you accidentally. Thank-yous are only heard when you purchase something from the shops. Hahaha.

5 years ago, I was shocked to see how Hong Kongers dressed. They dressed so fashionably and I was sighing Malaysia was so outdated. Now, I am so glad to see that Malaysia has caught up with the fashion train and I must say we Malaysians dress as stylish as Hong Kongers, and sometimes even better. :) Hong Kong is no longer the trendsetter now I guess, Japan and Taiwan are.

Food in Hong Kong is so expensive, but you could get some cheap snacks in Taiwan. However, skincare and cosmetics are so much cheaper in Hong Kong than in Malaysia. The clothes are pretty pricey in Hong Kong though. In Taiwan, everything seems to be such a great steal and you will regret if you do not buy them. :P

I miss Disneyland Hong Kong so much. Felt like I was a child back in Disneyland. We have watched all the shows and tried most of the rides. :) What else do I miss in Hong Kong? The Citygate Outlet in Tung Chung. So many factory outlets there, a shopaholic’s heaven!

I still love Hong Kong, for its Disneyland, transportation convenience and shopping experience.

However, Taiwan will always have my heart, for its people, culture, food, environment and so much more……

Taiwan, indeed touched my heart, and has my heart. :)


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  1. I missed Taiwan very much….so do Disney leh!!!

    October 13, 2010 at 9:22 AM

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