Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Having rashes for more than a month, went to see doctor last night and he said it is systemic, which means coming from inside the body, not allergic to the external factors. First thing he asked me was “am I stressed”. I don’t know, I don’t think so. How to determine stress? Everyone has their different stress level, how to tell if I am under stress? Busy at work meaning stress? Chased for deadlines is stress too? Not enough money causes stress too? If those are the cases, then yes, I am extremely stressed. Who wouldn’t? All of us are busy with work and deadlines and money is never enough. Don’t you agree?

Some people associated my rashes to pregnancy! Even my doctor didn’t ask me if I am pregnant! That just left me laughing non-stop. “Accidents” do happen they said. Well, I guess this is my body and I know better. Plus, I ain’t gonna tell the whole world whether I’m having protected sex or not!

Every time I said I have rashes or ill, people always asked if I am pregnant! I wonder if they are really so concerned whether I’ll have offspring or pregnancy is the only thing in their head. Not many of them would really tell me “take good care Ashley”. Sometimes the simplest regards could mean a whole lot and many people just do not understand.

I always believe that we are the ones who always give ourselves pressure. So people, stop asking me if I am pregnant. I have enough stress to take care of. If you have nothing better to say/ask, please don’t say/ask anything. Thank you.


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